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How soda affects the potency of what substances it contains and how it is useful for men


How soda affects the potency of what substances it contains and how it is useful for men How soda affects potency: what substances it contains and how it is useful for men
How does the baking soda on the potency, what valuable substances it contains and how it is useful for men’s health.

What is useful and how does soda affect male potency

It turns out “magic powder” is able to help men. We will try to understand how soda affects the potency, and also dwell on how to use it properly.

The content of the article

  • Harm and benefits of soda
  • Composition
  • The mechanism of influence on the potency
  • Application to increase potency
  • Contraindications
  • Useful video: Soda to increase potency
  • findings

Harm and benefits of soda

And now soda is used for various purposes: culinary professionals do not do without it, it is used as a cleaning agent in everyday life, it is widely used by traditional medicine. With the help of soda you can cure a sore throat, runny nose, get rid of thrush. deneme bonusu veren bahis siteleri 2022

In any kitchen will find a pack of soda. She comes to the rescue when you need to quickly eliminate pollution, to cope with other household problems. People suffering from high acidity, drink white powder to get rid of heartburn.

Some healers claim that soda can suppress the development of oncology. This fact does not yet have wide scientific evidence, but the ability of sodium bicarbonate is detrimental to the vital activity of pathogenic microflora is established precisely.

This property is considered the main function of soda. All popular methods of treatment are based on this characteristic.

A white alkaline crystalline substance also has a number of beneficial effects on the male body, which are expressed by the following qualities:

  1. Anti-inflammatory effect. Destroying pathogenic microorganisms, actively localizes infectious foci. This property of white matter helps with prostatitis, adenoma and other diseases that have a negative impact on the genital area of ​​men.
  2. Antitumor agent. The ability of soda to block the development of foreign formations was described by Professor Neumyvakin. The scientist has conducted numerous experiments proving the ability of an alkaline solution to destroy the cellular structures of the tumor and prevent the appearance of metastases.
  3. Improves the potential of the immune system. Cleansing the body from harmful microorganisms, increases its protective function.
  4. Stimulates metabolic processes. Since soda actively cleanses the body of decay products, it activates all biochemical processes, including metabolism.
  5. Normalizes blood circulation. The mechanism of enhanced cleansing of slags after bodybuilding babes drinking soda contributes to increased blood flow. When the blood circulation process in the pelvic area is getting better, the prerequisites for the development of the phenomena of stagnation disappear, which positively affects the erectile capabilities of the man.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that the indirect effect of baking soda on the potency is present, although this substance does not possess the excitatory property.

Note! Any kind of self-treatment is a venture that can lead to a sad result.

Soda, despite its simplicity, with its incorrect use can cause significant damage to health. Therefore, any method of treatment must be agreed with the doctor.


The substance on the external characteristics is a white crystalline powder, devoid of smell.

Interestingly, this alkaline crystalline substance is absolutely food neutral: it does not contain fats, carbohydrates and proteins. The nutritional value of the product is zero.

The substance has a rather complex chemical structure, since it contains atoms of hydrogen, carbon, sodium and oxygen. For this reason, the substance has many names.

The mechanism of influence on the potency

Of course, this view is misleading, because it does not possess stimulating properties. The main advantage of the powder is that it copes well with the cleaning function.

Moreover, this “disinfection” is carried out at different levels, including cells. Thanks to this mechanism, toxins, slags, and other decomposition products are naturally removed from the body.

This type of action also includes the ability of soda to fight pathogens. Only the right application can provide the expected result.

Otherwise, you can get the most unexpected consequences bodybuilder matt mendenhall, including allergic reactions and dysfunction of the alimentary tract. Therefore, it is necessary to take this substance seriously, strictly observing all recommendatory measures.

If you use soda to restore a normal erection, you should not count on a quick result. The first positive signs of therapy will appear only after the third week from the start of the course of treatment.

Application to increase potency

It attracts with simplicity and relative safety. But, nevertheless, before treatment, it is desirable to clarify the true cause of sexual dysfunction.

There are many recipes labeled soda and potency, and all of them are recommended for home use by men who have sexual problems.

Methods of such treatment can be very different:

How soda affects the potency of what substances it contains and how it is useful for men

  • therapeutic baths;
  • microclysters;
  • formulations for internal use

We give examples of some of the most effective formulations.

Bathtubs with soda. Regular procedures will quickly eliminate the foci of inflammation of the genitourinary system, cleanse and strengthen the body. The combination of these effects will help restore normal sexual activity.

Important! It is better to take therapeutic baths shortly before bedtime, since the water treatment has a significant relaxing effect.

To increase the therapeutic effect is necessary:

  • Dissolve the whole pack of soda in 3 liters of boiling water.
  • The resulting solution is added to the already prepared water bath with a temperature comfortable for the body. It is necessary to mix the composition well, so that all the powder particles are dissolved in water.
  • The duration of the procedure is up to – 30 minutes.

After the procedure, it is necessary to rinse the body under a cool shower with the use of hygiene products.

White matter microclysters are also among the frequently used treatments. This method helps rapid cleansing from slagging. After all, fatty foods can lead to a variety of problems, including sexual dysfunction.

Knowing how soda affects potency, you can easily eliminate the possible cause of male ill health with the help of an elementary procedure. To implement it, a solution is prepared at the rate of: 1 l. Art. powder per liter of water.

Of course, that for microclyster should be used distilled or boiled water. Through the syringe warm solution is introduced into the rectum.

True, this form of treatment is advisable when the pathological process is in its initial stage. If the disease progresses, this option will not help.

The healing composition is prepared as follows: in warm milk (200 ml) it is necessary to dissolve ½ tsp. powder. Drinking the composition is fully recommended daily. The course of treatment is 1 month. This technique is more suitable for prevention.

To improve the potency, you can use another is terry crews on steroids way: mix a spoonful of white powdered substance with honey (3 tbsp.). It should be a homogeneous mass, which is taken for a whole month. Single dose – 1 tbsp. spoon.


Thus, the following pathological conditions are considered a strict limitation:

  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • tendency to allergic manifestations;
  • idiosyncrasy drug.

If the basic basis of home therapy is a powder substance, you must carefully follow the recipe, and special attention should be paid to the correct dosage of the drug..

If any negative signs appear, the treatment should be stopped immediately and you should seek specialized help.

Useful video: Soda to increase potency


With proper approach to the treatment and rational use of alkaline crystalline substances, it is possible to achieve a noticeable improvement in sexual life. But it is important to adhere to the recommended dosage formulation.

Traditional recipes usually do not show quick results, so you need to be patient.

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