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Daddy G.O.’s Visit To The Ambassadors Ghana

On Thursday July 27, 2017, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church visited the RCCG Ghana Church at the Ambassadors. Even though it was a working day and time, the whole church was filled to capacity including the overflow halls. He said, ‘I have come to pray for you’.

In a short speech, he told the devil that he has lost the battle over Ghana. He narrated his relationship and closeness to the late Regional Pastor of West Coast based on his impeccable character of almost 40 years together and the circumstances surrounding the passing unto glory of the Assistant General Overseer, Pastor Olu Obanure. He maintained that he was dealt a “personal blow but champion is the one who remains standing when the fight is over” and he has bounced back and the devil is forever defeated.

He encouraged Ghana congregation to work harder and he will be back. He reminded that he used to come to Ghana regularly when the outreach was around 3 to 4 nations but the work has grown into 196 nations. On this special occasion he implore the congregation to ask for extraordinary things from God to make their joy full. He then prayed thus, “Eternal Rock of Ages, I want to bless your name, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the One Who Lives Forever, I worship you. I thank you very much for everything you have already done in your church here in Ghana. I want to thank you for what you will yet do. I want to thank you because today will be a new day, a new beginning. Please accept our thanks in Jesus name.

Lord God Almighty, I commit all your children who are here into your hands, Father before the sun sets today, let each and everyone of them sing a new song. Whatever they have asked for and even things they forgot to ask for that will make their joy full, Father release it unto them.

  • Bless them like never before
  • Visit them like never before
  • Anoint them like never before
  • Prosper them like never before
  • Promote them like never before
  • Defend them like never before
  • Fight for them like never before
  • Lift up their heads like never before
  • Shame their enemies like never before.

And Father I pray, that beginning from now, this particular altar will become a miracle centre.

And each time I hear concerning your church here in Ghana from now, let it be good news.

And Lord if you return before we meet again, I pray that none of us will be missing in your kingdom.

Thank you Almighty God, in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Shout Hallelujah!”

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