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Operating In Dominion | Pastor Lanre Jooda

01 Sep

Operating In Dominion | Pastor Lanre Jooda

In today’s sermon, Pastor Lanre Jooda laid emphasis on light, light dominating darkness. He further talked on how light dominates darkness. He goes on preaching about operating in dominion.

{GENESIS 1:28 KJV the point this morning is that dominion is a topic that many people talk about but only few Christians possess it and in {John 9:5} and {John 1:1-5} you will never cry in front of darkness if you carry light.

That’s why the scripture says GOD is light, the only cure for darkness is light and in case you don’t know this world is full of darkness, darkness is everywhere that’s why in (GENESIS 1:1,2} what can only cure darkness is light. The scripture says in {GENESIS 1:3} the only cure for this world that is full of darkness is light, if there is no light there is no cure, that’s why the scripture says ‘light shines out of darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not, In {ISAIAH 60:2}, light dominates darkness in {Job28:3} { Isaiah 59:5,6} {ISAIAH 59:5,6} the only solution to this darkness is light. Light is never a match for darkness and light is the cure for darkness, anywhere darkness is hiding the only thing that can see where darkness is and am not talking about physical darkness is the light of GOD.

Operating in dominion is to have what GOD says you will have, if you are not careful you will have only what the devil said you will have and the devil doesn’t want you to have anything good, he wants to rubbish your life and as long as you are in the darkness you won’t see the light.

It takes light to see that this is not where you are supposed to be. A person with light of dominion is someone operating in what GOD wants him to do, one of the ways to operate in dominion is to ‘say it and see it’ {Ezekiel 37:7} As he was saying it he was seeing it that this is dominion. He lifted up his hands and he prophesied to those people and as he was saying it he was seeing the manifestation that is dominion.

But if you are not operating in dominion you will say it and you won’t see anything because there is no power backing it up. Operating in dominion means saying it and seeing it, {GENESIS 1:28} the scripture says ‘be fruitful and multiply’, the reason why many of us is not operating in dominion is because we lack understand. {PSALM 119:130 KJV} So the secret of this light is the word of GOD I have told you that the answer to the word of GOD is light and the only way to get this light is to go into into this word every time.

It gives understanding to the simple. So if you are looking for light look for the word.

Number two, the secret of this light {PSALM36:9} {PSALM89:15}.
The presence of GOD. You can spend hours studying which is good. But when you are in the presence of GOD praying and worshiping Him,  there’s nothing on the earth, no darkness will have the effrontery to enter that place, even if there is darkness it will run away at the presence of GOD.

The more you carry the presence of God the more darkness fears you, darkness can never withstand the presence of GOD. When you soak yourself in the blood of Jesus, and there’s a person from the occultic realm, he or she can’t withstand you, because you have soaked yourself in the presence of GOD. Because in the presence of GOD no other presence can comprehend the light of GOD.


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