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The Power Of Blessing | Pastor Lanre Jooda

01 Sep

The Power Of Blessing | Pastor Lanre Jooda

In today’s sermon, Pastor Lanre Jooda declared that the Lord has put it in his spirit to bless His people. He went further to pray, God be merciful to us and bless us according to your loving-kindness this morning and cause your spirit to shine upon us this morning.

God shall bless us this morning, God shall bless us in this service, God shall bless us today, God shall bless us in this month of August and God shall bless us for the remaining days of this year.

When God created Adam and eve, they never struggled for anything, God created and put them in the garden of Eden. They never struggled for anything they needed while they were in that garden, that was the purpose of God for man. He created us to be blessed and he started with Adam and Eve because God had made a provision for everything they would need in the morning, noon and at night.

They were indeed blessed and they enjoyed the blessings of the Lord. The plan and purpose of God has never changed, He has never changed that plan, ‘He said in Psalms 67:6, then shall the earth yield her increase and God even our own God shall bless us, not only blessing but he will bless them and people will be afraid. There are blessings that God has ordained for us, and when that blessing comes we will be afraid and shocked.

I have discovered that from time to time even with my little experience in the ministry, one vital thing that people seek and pray for in life is blessings.
I’ve heard people say that pastor I just want God to bless me, sometimes we need God’s blessings for our family, we need God’s blessings for our work and sometimes its for the children. There is no man in this life that does not want to be blessed I have never come across such a man even children, when asked what they want from God they will say God’s blessings. God himself instituted the mystery of blessings but the question this morning is, does everyone needs to be actually blessed? Blessings are also in levels, but I have come to tell you this morning that it is the plan and purpose of God for us to be blessed Proverbs 10:20.

I always have issues with people who says that, there are sorrows or issues attached to God’s blessins. No, there are no sorrows whatsoever attached to blessings that comes from God.

I pray for you this morning that, God is going to bless you and HE shall enlarge your coast in Jesus name.

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